• Up to 6 months to pay balance. Order will be fulfilled once final payment is made.
  • Pay a Deposit: of 20% (Non-Refundable), payments will be made through PUT IT ON LAY-BUY APP via PayPal.
  • Monthly payment will be automatic through PayPal. The monthly payment amount will be the balance after deposit, divided by the amount of months you selected.
  • If you would like to pay off the balance earlier to receive your rave item sooner, feel free to email us and we can assist you with that.

Item 1 - Parties to the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement

This agreement is Plurfection and the person who has initiated this PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement (“you”, “PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Contact”). The PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Contact is at all times, the only party to the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement, responsible for PUT IT ON LAY-BUY payments, compliance with the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement, and liable for any breach of the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement. Any requests to change the order or cancel the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY can only be made by the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Contact.

Item 2 - How and when your product is purchased

Once your PUT IT ON LAY-BUY has been received by a Plurfection team member and a deposit has been received by Plurfection, this PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement covers you with respect to your order.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these terms and conditions or elsewhere on the Plurfection website, Plurfection makes no representation or commitment to supply with respect to any chosen order until such time as the application has been correctly submitted to Plurfection, payment finalised, and the order acknowledged by Plurfection.

Item 3 - Commencement and completion dates

The commencement date of this PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement is the "Date Placed" specified on the order receipt. A deposit must be received or the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY application will be cancelled.

The cooling off period is seven (7) days from the order placed date on the invoice. Notification must be received via email. Cooling off refund amount will be less the once-off admin fee to PUT IT ON LAY-BUY and a 3% PayPal processing fee accrued by Plurfection.  After the 7 day cooling off period, deposit is non refundable.

The finalisation date for completing the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY is specified in the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY information through your PayPal account.

Orders can be paid off earlier and if stock is available it can be dispatched.

Item 6 - Methods of payment

All PUT IT ON LAY-BUY payments are automatically set up in PayPal. There is a small admin fee by PUT IT ON LAY-BUY.

Item 7 - Timing and amount of payments

A deposit of 20% is required to initiate a PUT IT ON LAY-BUY. Thereafter, PUT IT ON LAY-BUY instalment payments are auto-paid monthly from your linked card in your PayPal setup. This occurs until the amount of monthly instalments you selected is paid. Final Payment due before order can be fulfilled and delivered.

If you would like to pay off your order before the selected amount of months completes, email support@plurfection.com and we can initiate that process for you.

Item 8 – Termination charge

If you decide you do not wish to proceed with your purchase and cancel the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY at any time before the order is dispatched or if the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement is terminated by Plurfection, a termination charge of 20% will be deducted from monies paid towards the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY. This termination charge of 20% is a genuine pre-estimate of the costs to process a terminated Lay-By Agreement and incorporates system transaction costs, business administration costs, merchant charges and cancellation processing costs. The balance of monies received will be refunded to your nominated bank account.

Item 9 – Cancellation

In the event you wish to cancel the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY, a cancellation is only accepted by Plurfection by e-mail to: support@plurfection.com. Please include your Order Number and a nominated bank account for any monies owing.

Item 10 - Failure to complete

In the event you fail to complete all payments by the period detailed in Item 3, the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement may be terminated at the discretion of Plurfection. If this should occur and the PUT IT ON LAY-BUY Agreement is terminated, the conditions outlined in Item 8 will apply.